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Sanjari Recycling is subsidiary of Kohinoor recycling. Together we have achieved various milestones in E-Waste management.

Best E-Waste Recycling Company in Mumbai

Sanjari Recycling

The team of Sanjarirecycling is the organization occupied with sewage and profluent treatment since 2010. Our past experience of 6 years profluent treatment and recycling had helped us in awesome extent. With inventive specialized coordinated effort we had figured out how to streamline our procedure of electronic waste recycling. We likewise figure out how to deliver 0% unusable material from our recycling procedure. We have a collection centre at Mumbai. We have the cooperation with Door to Door accumulation organizations that go to your place and take your electronic scraps free of cost and for some situation even pay you back after assessment of your item at our office. The cash straightforwardly goes to your account provided to us.

Kohinoor Recycling

Kohinoor E-Waste Recycling Pvt. Ltd. has been in the business of dealing in scrap and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in handling all kind of scrap such as ferrous and non ferrous, copper alloys, Brass, Zinc/ Dross, Copper/ Druid, Silver/ Gold Dross and all types of metal scrap etc. To assess the availability of our services on computer, we registered our online presence. Having based ourselves on the services demanded by companies, we have created innovative, user-friendly customer relation. Kohinoor E-Waste Recycling Pvt Ltd is a leading dealer and trader is in the field of scrap all over India and are also the member of the leading scraps and has a huge godown / storage at District Raigad.

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E-waste recycling in Mumbai’s IT Asset Management / Disposal

A Million tonnes of electronic garbage is produced over the globe every year, it's no surprise that out of date gadgets have quickly turned into a major issue around the world. Among all the municipal solid waste, around 5% is the electronic waste which creates serious issues for both our own health and nature. To envision how much 40 million tons is, the measure of e-waste delivered yearly is equivalent to roughly 400 aircraft carriers in weight. Picture 348 plane carrying warships (87% of 400) being hurled into landfills consistently, and that number proceeding to develop, and it turns out to be evident that recycling electronic products needs to be a first concern.

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Data destruction at e-waste recycling company in Mumbai

The substance like lead, cadmium and mercury are used in the making of electronic items which are, normally, dangerous for our health. Because when exposed, they can create a serious health issue, like kidney malfunction or lung disease. Possibly the worst thing about this matter is that it is exported from developed countries to developing countries like Africa, India and China. Regularly the pits of disposed of laptops and pc's or different electronics are picked over by local people who endeavour to mine profitable material like gold and copper from them. So you can never be compromised by security breaches or fail to comply with data privacy legislation. The impacts of this result in harm to our health and our environment. The most ideal approach to limit this is to create less of it.

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Efforts of e-waste recycling dealers in Mumbai

The impacts of e-waste or WEEE (Waste from used Electrical and Electronic Equipment) are expanding. It is one of the floods of strong waste that is becoming the quickest over the whole world. The fast IT take-up all over the world, alongside the arrival of new developments and advances from time to time is the reason for early degeneration of big amounts of EEE (electrical and electronic equipment). At Sanjari Recycling, we are committed to keep our world green by reducing the number of e-waste but we can’t do it alone. It’s time to have you to use the services provided by the team of sanjari recycling and take a step towards the future of our planet.


Vision And Mission

  • Experts in the safe, secure and responsible disposal of IT & EPoS assets
  • IT resource administration that incorporates both buying and transfer of end of life resources.
  • Work with large manufacturers to dispose of end of line products, surplus and liquidation stock.
  • Free, secure collections for i.t recycling
  • We Offer The Best Solution For Your Business

Electronic Waste Recycling in Mumbai

Ferrous Scrap

HMS scrap, steel scrap, coils, pipe, bar, sheets, wire rod, strip scrap, plate, sheet cutting, bushing scrap etc.

E-waste recycling services in Mumbai

Non Ferrous Scrap

Aluminum scrap, copper scrap, zinc scrap, brass scrap, titanium scrap, silicon metal, nickel silver scrap etc.

E-waste recycling in mumbai

Wooden and Furniture Scrap

Wooden, ply, furniture, tables, wooden chairs, doors, windows, wooden sheets, etc.

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