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Energy Recovery

  • Producing steel from recycled material when compared with virgin resources provides energy saving of 75%.
    Every year the metals sector produces: 14 million tones of steel; 1.2 million tones of casting; 500,000 tones of aluminium. It reclaims and processes 10 millions tones of used or end-of-life metals.
    The total global carbon footprint of ICT industry is 860 million tones of CO2 which is approximately 2% of global emission.
    In India 40% power requirement is met by grid electricity and 60% by DGsets
    If alternate forms of energy are used that will reduce 5 million tones of CO2 saving $1.4 billion operating expenses
    Recycling 1 million cell phones also saves enough energy to provide electricity to 250 Indian households for a year

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  • Our Operations
  • Experienced managers to handle the operations capably supported by us. Excellent back office team to support. Manageable commitment on service. Well defined Standard Operating procedures for all Operational functions like “execution, Invoicing” etc. .

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