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Electronic waste, or more commonly known as e-waste is the waste that is created from discarded electrical or electronics items. Used electronics equipment that is used for reuse recycle, refurbishment, and recycling are considered e-wastes. Without taking proper precautions, disposal of e-waste has been found hazardous for human beings and for the entire nature and ecosystem.

For example, electronics scrap like CPU contains harmful materials like cadmium, lead, and bromide, which is bad for human health. It even puts the life of the workers who work scavenging at risk. Scrap dealers in Bangalore are making huge progress with the correct disposal of e-waste.

E-waste recycling service in BangaloreE-waste disposal methods

When it comes to e-waste recycling services in Bangalore, Sanjari recycling uses all the standard norms and procedures. Here is a list of some of the disposal methods that are maintained by big companies like Sanajri recycling.


One of the most common methods of e-waste disposal is by landfilling. E-wastes are then buried after digging up holes in the ground. In order to stop the leaching of heavy metals, and the impervious liner is made of burned clay or plastic. Even after that, landfilling is not an eco-friendly process for e-wastes that contains toxic substances such as cadmium, lead, or mercury. For that, other techniques are used.

Acid Bath

An acid bath is yet another great way of e-waste disposal. In this process, the electronic items are socked in powerful sulphuric, nitric, or hydrochlorice-waste buyers in Bangalore acid to free the metals from electronic pathways. The recovered metals are then further reused in other processes. Once the process is done, the acid is then further treated.


It is one of the controlled ways for the disposal of e-waste. It involves burning or combustion of the electronic item at a very high temperature in designated incinerators. This method of e-waste disposal is quite advantageous as the volume of waste is greatly reduced and the energy obtained is used separately as well. However, the emission of harmful gasses mercury and cadmium in the environment is also not free of disadvantages.


The recycling process can be used to reuse mobile phones, monitors, CPUs, floppy drives, laptops, keyboards, cables, and connecting wires. It involves dismantling the electronic device, separating parts with hazardous substances such as CRT, circuit boards printed, etc.

The recycling process also includes the recovery of precious metals like gold and copper which holds their value in themselves. Sanjari recycling uses the proper recycler that doesn’t break the Indian laws and works in a very ecofriendly manner.


It is not reused but refurbished, the term being used nowadays. With a slight tweak or modification, items like mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets could easily be sold as refurbished products. These are generally cheaper to get and avoids the entire disposal process at least for a few years or so. In addition, selling old mobile phones or laptops to some recycling and refurbishing companies also provides a better way.

Several websites between recyclers and electronic users act as intermediaries. For users, it’s a win-win situation as they not only get rid of the old mobile phones but also get paid after reselling them.

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