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E-waste recycling services in Bhiwandi

E-waste Recycling
E-waste Recycling – Reducing your Carbon Footprints

Recycling can minimise increasing global climatic change. E-waste has become a global problem. Disposing of it poses a great threat to the environment as it increases the greenhouse gases level in the atmosphere. E-waste recycling using local and national initiatives is the best option to reduce your carbon footprints and contribute towards saving our mother nature....

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Best Scrap dealers in Bangalore
Best Scrap dealers in Bangalore

Electronic waste, or more commonly known as e-waste is the waste that is created from discarded electrical or electronics items. Used electronics equipment that is used for reuse recycle, refurbishment, and recycling are considered as e-wastes. Without taking proper precautions, disposal of e-waste has been found hazardous for human beings and for the entire nature and ecosystem.For example, electronics scrap like CPU contains harmful materials like cadmium, lead, and bromide, which is bad for human health...

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e waste managment in india
Why it is Important to Recycle E-waste and its Management

We all often forget our duties towards our mother earth. This, in turn, leads to the continuous depletion of natural resources and the environment. With the development of technology and it becoming an essential part of our life, we have somewhere down the line neglected our planet’s health....

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A Growing Concern – How to Sell E-waste

In today’s digital era, eliminating the usage of electronics is unthinkable. But recycling it and sell e-waste can aid in discarding the undated electronic products safely, protecting the environment from severe damage in return.Benefits of recycling your company’s e-waste can save valuable office space and discard the waste at unparalleled rates. This way you can reuse the precious metals as well as eliminate the hazardous materials...

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The Positive Effects of Selling E-waste in Bangalore

When we look at the statistics of e-waste generated in India, it nearly accounts for about 4 per cent which is generated annually. The USA ranked first as it generates 11.7 million tonnes of e-waste annually followed by China who generates 6.1 million of e-waste annually.....

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Recycle Your E-Waste Today And Keep Our World Green

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