The Positive Effects of Selling E-waste in Bangalore

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The Positive Effects of Selling E-waste in Bangaloresell e waste mumbai

When we look at the statistics of e-waste generated in India, it nearly accounts for about 4 per cent which is generated annually. The USA ranked first as it generates 11.7 million tonnes of e-waste annually followed by China who generates 6.1 million of e-waste annually. It has become alarmingly important to sell e-waste in Bangalore as it is easy to dispose of electronics without harming the environment.

Being the responsible citizen of India, it’s our duty to recycle and manage our e-waste by reducing our dangerous impact on the environment. E-waste recycling has become the necessary hour at present. Sanjari Recycling in Bangalore aids you by collecting the e-waste from your doorsteps and discarding them in most ethical ways.

The Positive Effects of E-waste Disposal in Bangalore are innumerable:

sell e waste puneLessens the Environmental Impact of E-waste

Bangalore is referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, recycling the electronic waste items here is quite easy and resourceful. With Bangalore producing two lakh tonnes of e-waste annually, Sanjari recyclers contribute their part effectively by saving our planet earth. By recycling and sorting the raw materials, professionals deal with the scrap in a more careful manner then the informal ones.

Waste Management in Bangalore can Lead to Personal Benefits

E-waste recycling, dismantling, handling, collection and sorting in a safe manner protects the environment and keeps us away from breathing in harmful toxins. Informal scrap dealers near you or me collect the e-waste and dump in landfills, or burn them, in turn, polluting air, water and land. Though, professional deals like Sanjari Recycling have well-trained employees who work for us at personal as well as environmental level.

E-waste Recycling Conserves Valuable Materials to be Reused from Old Ones

Proper and using professional methods of e-waste disposal is utmost important and an alarming concern at present for our environment. This is the fastest-growing solid waste stream in the world. Safer e-waste recycling of outdated electronics can promote a healthy planet. Sanjari Recycling in Bangalore dismantles the old electronic items, sort the valuable raw materials and put them to reuse so as to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste.

Waste Management Prevents Long-term Impact on Environmentsell companies ewaste

You might be surprised to know that dumping or burning electronic items may leave long-term damage to health and the environment. Metals like nickel, cadmium, lithium, mercury, and many more release harmful toxins which stay longer in air, water and land. This may further lead to the spread of chronic diseases in our body, can affect livestock, animals, plants and others.

The only key to stop all these for long-term healthy survival is ‘E-waste Recycling’.

Your Key Takeaway Message

Always check the product catalogue for knowing about the end-life of the product instead of discarding in most unusual ways. Only authorised recyclers can handle your waste electronic products. Like Sanjari Recycling team is professionally trained in e-waste disposal providing you to door-to-door services and channelize them for final processing.

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