Best Solution for Sanjari Recycling

Energy Recovery

Best Solution to E-waste Recycling


Producing steel from recycled material when compared with virgin resources provides energy saving of 75%.
Every year the metals sector produces: 14 million tones of steel; 1.2 million tones of casting; 500,000 tones of aluminium. It reclaims and processes 10 millions tones of used or end-of-life metals.
The total global carbon footprint of ICT industry is 860 million tones of CO2 which is approximately 2% of global emission.
In India 40% power requirement is met by grid electricity and 60% by DGsets
If alternate forms of energy are used that will reduce 5 million tones of CO2 saving $1.4 billion operating expenses
Recycling 1 million cell phones also saves enough energy to provide electricity to 250 Indian households for a year

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