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    Recycling(as in Electronic waste) is the process of converting waste material into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution and water pollution by decreasing the need for conventional waste disposal and lowering greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastic production.

    Dumpsites are filling up. These products tend to have shorter useful life spans than other kinds of equipment, so they are discarded sooner. They also may contain substances which could pollute water supplies (phosphorous in CRTs, lead solder in circuit boards, certain plastics with flame retardants, and other kinds of chemicals). Besides pollutants, many of these products contain useful materials that conserve energy by recycling instead of obtaining them from their raw sources. For example, a ton of electronic circuit boards contain about 1 oz of pure gold! Many plastics can be remolded into new products, or used as fuel.

    Some of the materials we get from ewaste include metal, copper, aluminium, plastic, gold, palladium, silver, lead, nickel and tin.

    Yes. We do provide a good amount for your Electronic scrap according to the quantity.

    There is absolutely no harm in selling out your E-waste. Our company destroys all the data before recycling it. Customer satisfaction is the primary objective for Sanjari Recycling.

    Our office is located in Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi-421302. You can call us to send our team to check and collect your scrap. Please visit https://www.sanjarirecycling.com/contact.html for details.

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