B2B E-Waste Management in India

B2B E-Waste Management

Why B2b E-waste Management in India is Important to save the earth?b2b e waste management in India

We all often forget our duties towards our mother earth. This, in turn, leads to the continuous depletion of natural resources and the environment. With the development of technology and it becoming an essential part of our life, we have somewhere down the line neglected our planet’s health.

Every one of us is aware of the three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle. And with passing generations, there is high time we adopt e-waste recycling for sustainable development.

Consumers crave the latest and greatest gadgets, which means every year, millions of electronics are sent to landfills. Of which, about 15 to 20% is recycled, and the rest is dumped, leading to land, soil, and water pollution.

**Note: We can recycle 100% of e-waste every year by choosing correct e-waste disposal methods and e-waste management companies in India.

Firstly, let us have a look at why e-waste management is an alarming situation in India:

B2B E-Waste Management in indiaComputers, smartphones, televisions, radios, caravans, chargers, kitchen appliances, and more, our everyday life comprises of gadgets and things. And to our surprise, every single thing is recyclable. But sadly, our e-waste disposal methods are incorrect and improper.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, heavy metals, plastics, and glass in e-waste can pollute the air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing electronic material.

The amount of e-waste in India is staggering, and resulting in health risks and problems. To overcome this, e-waste management is of utmost importance. E-waste disposal helps to revive the environment and foster better health of the economy.

Recycling e-waste boosts up commercial as well as local businesses by providing them raw materials for new electronics, which saves our environmental resources. E-waste recycling is also a safety measure that has to be introduced for controlling toxic chemicals like mercury and lead.

How to Recycle E-waste in India?

The first and foremost thing one can do for e-waste management in India is to find an e-waste management company in India. Sanjari Recycling has professionals employed as B2B E-Waste Management in India for Scrap dealing services, where they go door-to-door, collect waste, and discard it in a formal way to lessen their impact on the environment.

Workers at Sanjari Recycling in Bangalore earn a living by dismantling, refurbishing, reselling, and repairing the used electronic devices. The enterprises’ e-waste recycling services make sure that nothing is dumped but recycled and reused.

Research and studies have shown that generally, informal ways like discarding by own have proven out to be more harmful and dangerous thanE-Waste Management formal means, which is discarding with the help of e-waste management companies in India. E-waste management companies employ secured methods and tools to reduce the chemical and toxin release while dumping e-waste.

How E-waste Makes Us Lose a Battle Against Global Warming?

As we have discussed earlier, how only about 20% of e-waste is recycled every year. These wastes lead to severe issues like the toxic chemicals present in electronics such as lead, beryllium, and more in large amounts, which pose serious health risks.

Besides, plastics used to make the keyboards switchboards, and others, that release nitric and many other lethal acids are released, degrading our environment.

B2B E-Waste Management in India: The Conclusion

Summing up, give a call to Sanjari Recycling is B2B E-Waste Management in India and contribute your part towards saving mother nature.

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