Copper Scrap Dealer in Mumbai | Best Copper Scrap Buyer

Copper Scrap Dealer in Mumbai

Sanjari Recycling is the Best copper scrap dealer in Mumbai. We are an authorized Copper scrap buyer by offering the highest price and free doorstep pickup. We are dealing with all types of copper scrap. We have a dedicated metal recycling plant located in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. We are one of the big scrap importers in India.

We have partnered with several companies that deal in copper scrap. Free pickup service is providing for those businesses. If you want to sell copper scrap to the best copper scrap dealer in Mumbai, India, then contact us by email or call. We are always ready to help you with our copper scrap recycling services.

Copper scrap price depends on many factors. As we are the best copper scrap buyers in Mumbai, India needs to provide the right price by checking the quality and grades of copper scrap. Copper scrap that is uncoated has the highest value. You can recycle and reuse it easily. Copper scrap coated with alloy and insulation, paint or other coating is more difficult to recycle. So it has less value. You can check the copper scrap rate per kg in Mumbai today by calling us anytime.

Types Copper Scrap 

Sanjari Recycling is an established buyer of copper scrap in Mumbai and it scrap company in mumbai. We are dealing with various types of copper scrap materials for recycling and Reused. It has two varieties as scrap Copper and scraps Copper wire.

Scrap Copper Variety

Scrap Copper
  • Heavy Copper
  • New Copper Tube
  • Brazier Copper 
  • Copper Turnings
  • Copper Radiators
  • Electric Motors
  • Dry Bright Copper
  • Greasy Bright Copper

Scrap Copper Wire Variety

Scrap Copper Wire
  • Burnt Copper Wire
  • Low-Grade Armored Cable 
  • Household Cable
  • Mineral Insulated Copper Clad
  • Single Core
  • Twin & Earth

Recycling Services By Copper Scrap Dealer in Mumbai, India

Copper Scrap Dealer in Mumbai

Consider you want to sell copper scrap to Sanjari Recycling. Copper scrap is collected, purchased, recycled and reused throughout India as part of the waste management process.

Our specialized team continuously monitored the copper scrap market in India. They update the maximum payout on copper scrap. You can contact us today for copper scrap prices in India. We provide you quotation immediately.

Sanjari Recycling is a waste management and recycling company in India. As part of this, we deal with ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling in India. Additionally, we have licensed e-waste recycling companies in Mumbai recovering e-waste from IT and household electronics.

Copper Scrap Recycling Process by Sanjari Recycling

Copper Scrap Buyer

Sanjari Recycling as the Copper Scrap Dealer in Mumbai follows the 5-Steps Copper Recycling Process. Recycling is the best way to conserve natural resources and help the environment. While copper recycling must follow proper procedures to achieve maximum recycled copper for reuse.

1.Free Pickup and Collection

The First and utmost step is to collect Copper scraps from Businesses and Households with the help of logistics by providing Free Pickup services for copper scrap. For this process, the customer needs to contact a copper scrap dealer in Mumbai. Our assistant will help you and schedule your pickup.

2.Segregation Process

After buying Copper scrap, our teams dumped all collected Copper scrap in the copper smelting plant in Mumbai. Then starts the segregation process by machine or sometimes by manually. By this process, we separate the highest and lowest grades of copper scrap. This process helps to recycle copper easily.

3.Granulator Process

An industrial granulator uses to granulate copper scraps. While melting copper, important to consume as little energy as possible.

4.Melting Process

The melting process can be done by transporting bulk materials on conveyor belts ahead of the melting machine. Melting Temperatures can change depending upon the grade of copper and meting point.

5.Cooling and Recycled Copper Sheets Creation

In the final step, the molten copper can be transfer to the cooling area. We create the copper rolls here. The copper rolls are converts into copper sheets. Then sheets are sent to do business for reuse.

Final Verdict on Copper Scrap Buyer

As we’ve mentioned, we are the best copper scrap dealer in Mumbai, India. We provide the highest prices for copper scrap. You don’t need to spend too much time worrying about selling copper scrap. Sanjari Recycling team is available anytime to assist you.

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