Best E-waste Recycling Company Near me – Bhiwandi, Mumbai

Best E-waste recycling Company near me

Sanjari Recycling is the most popular e-waste recycling company near Bhiwandi, Mumbai.  We place a high value on transparency when tracking and recycling e-waste. Our company has more than 12 years of experience handling IT scrap recycling and electronic waste disposal.

As a firm, we have only the aim of improving and maintaining the electronic waste management situation in India. Sanjari recycling is one of the best e-waste recycling companies in India. Who is following all the pollution control board norms established by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board while recycling e-waste! Our primary goal is to provide world-class e-waste recycling services. This directly helps save as many natural resources as possible.

We are among the best scrap dealers in Mumbai that deal in electronic waste like electronic waste from household appliances, scrap IT equipment, telecom equipment, consumer electronics, and electrical power cords, batteries, etc.

Electronic item is being used more and more due to the exponential growth in IT and Telecommunications industries. The quick upgrades of devices force users to change devices, which turns them into solid waste. In India, since 2011, there have been laws to deal with e-waste services. These laws mandate that only authorized dismantlers and recyclers collect e-waste.

Why choose us for E-Waste Recycling in Mumbai

Best E-waste recycling Company near me

We are authorized best IT Scrap dealers and Electronic waste disposals in Mumbai. Here are some reason why choose us;

Own E-waste collection Center in Mumbai.

When searching for the best e-waste recycling company near me from Mumbai. You will find us on Google as e-waste buyers. We have an e-waste collection centre in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. We will provide you with a good cost for your electronics waste.

100% Transparency for Your Electronic Waste Recycling

We will come to the door to collect e-waste. We provide 100% transparency for your electronic waste. We are the best e-waste dealer in Mumbai for collecting your items then recycle, dispose or dismantle them.

Data Protected and Destroyed after collection

We aim to protect our clients’ data and provide safety. Our team specializes in protecting and the destruction of data. There is no need to worry about data security since your data will be protected.

E-waste we’ve collected in our collection centre

  • Mobile phones, Tablets
  • Laptops, Monitor
  • Networking devices like switches and routers
  • Data collection Devices CD, DVD, etc
  • Printers and copiers
  • IOT Equipment
  • Consumer electronic items like TV, Radio
  • IT Assets
  • End of life electronics Items.

Services We Provide as E-waste Recycling Company in Mumbai

Best E-waste recycling Company near me

IT Data Destruction Services

A large number of IT assets are held online, which have sensitive information such as intellectual property, customer lists, trade secrets, accounting information, payroll information, or credit card information. This information could compromise your company’s reputation. We are at Sanjari Recycling with a dedicated team to deal with these assets. Blank hard drives will be reused as a result of data detraction.

Refurbish and Resell IT Assets Services

The team at Allied are working on refurbishing the client’s equipment for increased lifespan. We can assist with detecting faults, broken and missing components, and reworking them so that they function properly. Additionally, we provide assistance to clients regarding IT assets resale at higher returns, according to their age, functionality, and condition.

Reverse Logistic Services

We are one of the best e-waste companies that provide reverse logistics services. We have our own trucks for transportation. As well as are collaborated with many logistics partners in different locations in India. Once the commodities are returned to the respective industries, they will not be dismantled further. In addition to improving the formal recycling of e-waste, this reverse logistic network will promote it.

Process of E-waste Recycling

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We follow the standard process for the collection of e-waste recycling given below

1. E-waste collection                                                             

In response to your search for the best e-waste recycling company in Mumbai. Then we received confirmation by email or call. After that, we will move to collect all of the electronic waste from various locations.

2. Data Destruction

After collection, we destroyed all the data to maintain the client’s security and our reputation according to our terms and conditions.

3. Segregation

After the destruction, we have segregated all devices into different categories. This will help us to avoid confusion.

4. Dismantling Devices

Machines are available to dismantle all the scraps collected, and this will aid in separating large devices into smaller components.

5. Separation Components

We have machine separation for small components. This can help us to decide which is reused and disposed of.

6. Recycling of e-waste

We recycle different components in our recycling plant in Mumbai.

Final Thought

In the above information, we have mentioned all important aspects of our company. This will clear you all thoughts about the best e-waste Recycling Company in Mumbai. Because we have our own e-waste collection unit, logistic service and 24/7 customer support.

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