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Best Metal Recycling Company in India

Sanajri Recycling is the top metal recycling company in India for metal scrap collection. Also licensed to recycle and dispose of electronic waste and IT scrap dealer. As per the report, steel is the most recycled metal followed by aluminium, copper, silver, brass, and gold.

We buy scrap metal from metal manufacturers, small scrap dealers, and local scrap dealers. We have collected all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to be recycled or disposed of in landfills.

Recycling metals is an important method of conserving natural resources. It is possible to reuse metals for an unlimited period of time without altering their properties. Recycling operations use metal scrap as a valuable asset.

We are a leading metal recycling company in India that provides significant scrap recycling services. Our recycling process is able to help industries produce more energy-efficient solutions. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and prevents natural gas emissions. This will also produce clean air and water.

Types of Metal Recycling

Metals can be divided into two types in the metal recycling industry in India:

  • Ferrous Metals

Iron combined with carbon is a ferrous metal. Iron, cast iron, aluminium alloy, alloy steel and alloy steel are all major types of ferrous metals.

  • Non-ferrous Metals

Furthermore, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium and tin are non-ferrous metals. As non-ferrous metals, gold, silver, iridium, platinum, and palladium belong to the precious metals class.

Best Metal Recycling Company in IndiaMetal Recycling Process

Sanjari Recycling is a well-known metal recycling company in India, we followed all the primary processes before and after recycling the scrap metals in the recycling plant. As a metal scrap licensee company in India, we consider this to be very important since we preserve natural resources. The following processes are followed when dealing with scrap metals;

1. Collection and Transporting

Our team can pick up scrap metal and transport it to our recycling plant. We are one of the tops in the list of metal recycling companies in India to collects scrap from manufacturing industries, small dealers, and consumers. We have our own transportation and logistics services to pick up scrap, so the collection is easy for us.

2. Sorting and Separation

Metals are sorted and separated both manually and mechanically. We have automatic recycling machines, magnets, and sensors in the recycling plant for separation.

3. Metal Processing into Shredded

Metal processing is important before melting the metals. During this process, the metals are shredded. While melting, aluminium and steel are transformed into small sheets and blocks respectively. During this process, aluminium is converted into small pieces and steel is transformed into small blocks.

4. Metal Melting Process

Sanjari recycling is well known PAN India Metal melting company for scrap metal. After the shredding of scrap, it can be thrown into a large furnace for melting. Metals are melted at different temperatures according to their specifications in the furnaces.

Temperature and metal determine the amount of time it takes to melt. Depending on your needs, you can increase or decrease the temperature. The process may take minutes or even hours.

5. Purification Process

The purification of liquid metal is the most important step in creating high-quality recycled metal. Sanjari Recycling is one of the top Metal melting recycling companies in India to produce zero contamination recycled metal. Electrolysis is the method most commonly used to purify molten metal’s.

6. Solidifying the Molten Metal

The solidification of molten metal is the final step in the recycling process. A conveyor belt carries molten metal to cool and solidify. Then the metal is converted into metal bars, which can be used to make any metal product.

7. Transportation of Metal Bars

After the solidification and conversion into bars, now it is ready to use. These bars can be transported anywhere as per requirements in the different manufacturing industries. They will create new products from this bar. This process is followed by the Metal Recycling Company in India from start to end.

Best Metal Recycling Company in IndiaWhy Choose Us as Metal Scrap Buyer in India

  • We are a certified and top metal recycling company in India dealing with ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.
  • We provide our own pickup and logistics services at no charge to you.
  • We have 24/7 customer support.
  • We are on the list of top metal recycling companies in India to provide the best values for your scrap.

Needs of Metal Recycling Company in India

  • Metals are reused again and again without losing their degradation properties.
  • The recycling of metals helps the industry financially as well.
  • Reduces the need to use natural resources.
  • Using recycling metals helps manufacturers to reduce production costs.

Final Words as a Metal Recycling Company in India

According to the explanation above, metal recycling, scrap metal recycling is essential for protecting natural resources. Ultimately, it allows consumers and manufacturers to save money. As a metal recycling company in India, Sanjari Recycling is one of the top scrap buying companies in India that can assist you with the whole recycling process and provide you with a better price for your metal scrap.

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