E-waste Recycling in India! It’s Mission

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Sanjari Recycling offers Best E-waste Recycling in India by providing a range of services for computer scrap, electronic scrap, IT scrap recycling and disposal. It is the best for e-waste buyers and dealers that provide you great value for your disposal and scrap in the market. So, what is e-waste recycling and how it is done by Sanjari Recycling?

E-waste recycling in India: Benefits, Collection & Problems

E-waste Recycling Mission India

E-Waste stands for electronic waste. Recycling e-waste means recycling the electronic trash generated from obsolete, broken and excess electronic devices. These devices mostly contain toxic and hazardous materials which can become dangerous for our environment if does not dispose of properly. These toxic elements pollute rivers, lakes and seas, and release gases into the atmosphere that can upset ecosystems. 

E-waste Recycling in India

In a simple way, e-waste recycling in India means the re-use of electronic wastes in a way that you can use them in new electronic products.

Electronic wastes can be in the form of home appliances and information tech equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, radios, microwaves, computers, laptops, batteries, hard disks, monitors etc.

Nowadays, the trend of e-waste recycling in India is increasing. This was initiated to protect human and environmental lives from widespread e-wastes pollution. So, it is an activity that you must encourage at every level.

Sanjari Recycling has a prestigious name in the e-waste recycling business for providing solutions to all your e-waste products and collects in the e-waste recycling plant. So, recycle your e-waste today with Sanjari and keep our world healthy and green.

Our government schemes for e-waste management has initiated an e-waste recycling in India doing by awareness programme to create awareness among the people about the hazards of e-waste recycling by the unorganized sector. This programme has adopted the best practices for recycling electronic waste so that this sector could generate employment opportunities.

There is a need to educate re-cyclers about different methods of disposing of their e-waste as well. Here, Sanjari Recycling is one of the top e-waste recycling companies in India to cooperate with door to door accumulation organizations that go to your place and will take your electronic waste free of cost. This is a great initiative by the company and we should be thankful for providing such a great service by them.

E-waste Recycling in India and Collection Problems

Electronic waste is emerging as an important and serious issue in India. It is a serious challenge to modern societies and required coordinated effects to address it for achieving sustainable development. These wastes have led to the problems of the massive amounts of hazardous waste generated from electronic products. The unorganised sector consists of the urban slums where recycling is carried out by unskilled employees by using basic methods to reduce costs.

Moreover, these workers face dangerous working conditions as they did not wear any protection such as masks or gloves.  To protect them from facing issues need to follow e-waste recycling rules in India.

Electronic waste is a major problem for businesses also. Businesses that need to get an e-waste recycling license in India can be held liable for the safety of their clients and employees’ data being misused or stolen. Throwing out or donating your old business electronics can be a lawful liability because of it. For both businesses and consumers, the hard drive inside your computer and the memory stick inside your Smartphone is a significant liability. All you have to do is plug it into a new computer.

There are various methods of disposal but most of them are not perfect. So, it should be done by a professional because if dismantled incorrectly, batteries or devices can explode.

Some of the key problems of e-waste collection in India are:

  • E-Waste materials collect and stored in e-waste recycling plants mainly consist of ferrous and non-ferrous metals plastics, glass, wood, mercury, lead, zinc, silver, nickel, mercury, copper, etc. If e-waste recycling is left to the informal sector, it may cause rising health problems and environmental damage.
  • The negative impact of irregular waste recycling is found worse in developing countries like India where e-recycling are mostly done by the unorganised sector.
  • E-waste recycling rules in India need to follow while doing it, but Recycling has done by the unorganized sector lacks completion and is hazardous for the employees since they lack types of equipment and skills.
  • Disposals of company gadgets and pieces of equipment are often hard due to the liabilities attached to it.

E-waste Recycling in IndiaHence, there is a great need for strict regulation to process e-waste through the organised sector and the Sanjari team takes this issue very seriously. They have the best tools to dispose of your electronic products properly and carefully. Their only goal is to satisfy the customers by providing services at their best with an assurance of the safety of the material and recycling of electronic waste.

Here, consumers are the key to better management of e-waste. E-waste is given high priority in developed countries, while in developing countries it is worsened by completely adopting the e-waste management of developed countries and several related problems which includes lack of investment and technically skilled human resources.

This situation could be improved by creating awareness, proper understanding and improving the infrastructure of recycling units along with the current policies. To solve this problem, the Sanjari team works with large manufacturers to dispose of end of line products, surplus and liquidation stock. They offer the best solution for your business. They are experts in the secure, responsible and safe disposal of IT assets.

Benefits of E-waste recycling in India

  1. Helps to conserve natural resources:

    The E-waste recycling business in India helps in conserving valuable materials that are present in our environment. Also, manufactures can obtain raw materials from recycled waste. So, there is less need to go to Earth for raw materials.

  2. Environmental Protection:

    It contributes to protecting the environment. It helps in managing toxic and hazardous substances such as lead, copper and mercury.

  3. Creates employment:

    It is creating employment for persons like professional re-cyclers.

  4. Reduces Global Warming:

    The un-dumped e-waste usually pollutes landfills and increases global warming. Hence, recycling e-waste reduces the amount of e-wastes pilling up at these places and saves thousands of lives.

  5. Prevents Pollution:

    Recycling cut downs air, water and land pollution and contributes towards a clean, fresh and green environment.

  6. Saves Energy:

    Recycling a product usually requires lesser energy than producing the new one from the scratch. Skipping the fixed process of extraction of raw material such as transportation, refining, etc. saves energy.

How can Citizens and Government help us?

Government can adopt methods of other countries for efficient collection and recycling of wastes. It should encourage the entrepreneurs by providing necessary technical guidance with financial support. If both the sectors are organised and unorganised coordinate and work in harmony, it will be better for our environment.

For example, the unorganised sector handed over the materials collected by them to the organised sector to be processed in an eco-friendly way.

How to recycle e-waste? Citizens and administration also have an important role in e-waste management. We generally throw many gadgets along with dumped wastes. Most people openly burn those accumulated wastes. It results in releasing many hazardous substances which get mix in the air and we breathe it, which can cause major health issues. So, we should immediately stop such unhealthy practices.

E-waste Recycling in India: The Conclusion

So, it is time to use the services provided by the team of Sanjari Recycling and protect the future of our Earth. They are fully committed to keeping our planet green by reducing the number of e-waste. Recycling e-waste is a good habit. Materials extracted from them can be used to make the new one. As the metals they contain are precious and hard to obtain.

They can be used to make laptops, smartphones, and electric car batteries. Consumers should give e-waste recycling in India as much attention as they would give to their daily garbage. However, e-waste management is still a great challenge for the governments and citizens of many developing countries. But Sanjari recycling is the solution to all your e-waste problems. So, recycle your e-waste today with us and keep our world green.

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