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E-waste Company in india

Sanjari Recycling is the top E-waste company in India to recycle electronic products like mobile phones, Pc, laptops by providing good prices for your scrap. Nowadays, the use of technology is increasing above the expectation which leads to electronic waste in large amounts. A technical change in devices leads to an increase in e-waste. When new devices are launched people will replace them with old ones to use new features.

These old devices will be converted into electronic scrap. But this waste consists of gold expensive metals like gold, copper and platinum which will be extracted by the recycling process. Mining is another process to get metals. E-waste companies like Sanjari Recycling can help you to recycle your electronic waste.


Services by Sanjari Recycling as Top E-waste Company in India


1. Recycling of Metals

In the e-waste management process, we can get precious metals from e-waste disposal in India. The process to obtain important minerals and metals from electronic items is called e-waste mining. By this process, we can get metals and fulfil the needs of people. This will help the environment to manage the balance of the ecosystem. Sanjari Recycling is the best e-waste company in India with its own recycling and e-waste management centre. We have good experience to manage and recover electronics waste with a high efficiency Rate.

2. IT Disposal Management services

IT companies produced more electronic scrap, like E-waste company we have a responsibility to manage IT straps in the proper manner. We are the most reputed e-waste disposal vendors in India having services for Asset Management, Asset Tracking, Data distractions, Asset Removal. It is an important task for e-waste management companies to secure clients data.

3. Security Services by R & D Center

It is Important to Secure data in R & D centres. If this data is collected by anyone they can steal the trade secrets of the company. Sanjari Recycling has secure collection centres for IT disposals. We are an e-waste management company in India that follow the protocols to secure data before leaving for the transportation facility. We have a highly secure transport and logistics facility to handle all scrap to the delivery centre.

Benefits of E-waste Disposal Methods in India

There are both economic and environmental benefits of e-waste recycling in India.

Economical Benefits e-waste recycling

  1. E-waste recycling plays an important role in the economy. Indian economy is struggling due to pandemics it helps to provide jobs.
  2. E-waste companies will help you to provide jobs in the sector of e-waste management.
  3. Other than jobs it can help to give financial incentives to those who manage e-waste.
  4. It helps to cut the manufacturers costs by providing old goods to electronic manufacturers.
  5. Manufacturers utilize e-waste to create new models of electronics items.

E-waste Company in indiaEnvironmental Benefits of e-waste recycling

  1. Saving the environment from harmful elements.
  2. It is important to conserve our natural resources for future uses.
  3. We can save gold, silver and platinum by mining electronics devices.
  4. E-waste management helps to save groundwater levels, soil and air from polluting chemicals.
  5. This is a good sign for the environmental balance and human health.

Facts on E-waste Managements

best e-waste Company

  1. Electronic products like mobile phones, Pc, laptops and other items contain a Good amount of gold, silver, platinum, aluminium in India cost of these items is in cores.
  2. Mention in there is 82 % of e-waste can be generated by personal gadgets like cell phones and PCs.
  3. There are more than 200-500 lakhs matrix tones e-waste generates worldwide every year.
  4. Only 1.5 % of 200-500 lakhs matrix tones e-waste can be recycled every year.
  5. When we recycled 10 lakhs of mobile phones it generates nearly 16000 kgs of copper, nearly 350 kgs of silver, nearly 35 kgs of gold can be recovered every year.
  6. According to the report, India is the third-largest e-waste generating country in the world.
  7. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata are the largest e-waste producer cities in India.


E-waste Management Company in India Helps to Reduce the Effects of E-waste

There are main Effects of E-waste that need to be reduced, the e-waste company in India helps to overcome and manage the environmental balance.


Health Effects

E-waste contains very harmful substances for health. Most electronics components are made up of materials like leads, chromium and zinc. This damages the kidneys and affects the human blood and other nervous systems in the body. When e-waste is disposed of in an informal way, it will pollute the air. This air damages the nervous system and lungs. We are the certified e-waste company in India to recycle or dispose of scrap in very formal ways.


Environmental Effects

Due to unhealthy processes in e-waste management, it damages nature majorly. Whenever e-waste is heated up, it will release dangerous chemicals which are bad for groundwater. As well as, elements in e-waste releases react with air and create pollution. We are the e-waste company in India to help people to recycle waste in a proper manner. This will help to saves the environment.


E-Waste Collection Center In India

1. City- Mumbai

Address- 1177, Grand floor opp, Amjadiya School Gaibi Nagar Bhiwandi-421302

2. City- Bangalore

Address- No.1008, Gangondanahalli Slum, Chandra Layout, Bangalore- 560072, Bangalore, Karnataka 560072


Final thoughts on E-waste company India

In conclusion, here you have seen how e-waste companies in India can help you to recycle, dispose and sell electronics waste. Sanjari Recycling provides quality services and helps to managed e-waste. Contact us for more information.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is e-waste management important?

E-waste management is most important for reduced metals mining, reduced Air pollution, Soil pollution and Water pollution by harmful chemicals produced by e-waste.

What are the devices included in E-waste?

The electronic gadgets included in e-waste are TV, computers, laptops, PC, Printers, VCR, Mobile phones, telephones, radios, etc. This device contains a large number of metals like copper, aluminium, cadmium and leads.

How can we help to destroy E-waste?

There are different ways to destroy e-waste: we need to recycle electronic waste, sell old gadgets, reused old gadgets, store data online in the cloud, buy star rated gadgets.

What is a solution to e-waste?

You need to contact an E-waste Company to pick up your scrap. It has a great Solution to manage e-waste. They will help you and Give you the price of your items.

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